Wait, what?

We, Imre and Peter, are re-tracing the route of the Klondike Gold Rush. See this video for more details.

What is your route?

We are starting in Skagway Alaska, from where it’s a five day hike to Bennett British Columbia. There we will navigate a series of lakes by canoe to the Yukon River, which we will follow out to the Bering Sea to end the trip in Emmonak Alaska.

How do you communicate with the Blogger? 

There is no cell phone reception up there. We carry two satellite devices. One sends our geographic coordinates to the internet every 10 minutes. You can follow us real time here. With the other one we are able to send short messages to email addresses, and our family and friends can reply to these messages. These messages provide the stories for the blog.

How about pictures?

Some of the villages we pass have a post office. A few times during the trip we will mail SD cards home with pictures and videos. As they arrive, the blogger will go back and update the posts with our photos. Until then, the posts display either relevant pictures downloaded from the internet, or photos from Imre’s previous Yukon trip.

Are you doing this for a cause?

Yes! We are raising awareness and funds for the Blind Judo Foundation. Everyone in our family has done Judo. Peter practiced for 13 years, until he injured his knee during the Dalton Highway bike trip. The first dojo we went to was founded by Willy Cahill, who is a co-founder of the Blind Judo Foundation. We raised money for the foundation during the cross country trip with Peter’s brother Janos, and during other trips as well. We believe it’s a cause worthy of our support.

What is the Blind Judo Foundation?

The Blind Judo Foundation is a nonprofit organization that helps blind  and visually impaired kids, adults, and veterans train and compete in the sport of Judo. Judo is a contact sport that bans kicks and punches, focusing instead on throws, pins, chokes and arm locks. With the help of the Blind Judo Foundation visually impaired athletes are able to attend the Paralympics, and US Blind Judo athletes have actually won more gold medals than sighted US athletes.

How long is the trip?

The whole trip is around 2100 miles. About 35 miles of that is a hike across the Coastal Mountains mountain range in Alaska and the rest is by canoe. It will take about 6 weeks, not including the logistics of getting to the starting point.

Will you have support?

No, however some of our gear will be transported by train to Bennett (no roads lead there) where we will end the hiking segment. Other than that, we are on our own for many days at a time between small villages along the river.

Are you serious?

Yes! Follow along on this website to see how we do!