Informational Video

Here’s a short video we made to explain our trip as well as our previous adventures and our good cause. Hope you enjoy!


The Canoe

Today our canoe arrived! It’s foldable and lightweight, so we will be able to carry it across the mountains with us and make our route a more authentic copy of the Klondike gold miner’s journey. It took a while to assemble correctly, but turned out well in the end.

Getting Into the Spirit of the Trip

We have been preparing physically for a while, and have been preparing gear too. But mental preparation is also important. Visualizing the hardships helps build resolve. In the spirit of that, here is a picture of us, Imre (top) and Peter (bottom), panning for gold. The Klondike Gold rush drew over 100,000 people to the Yukon between 1896 and 1899.