Day 31: Beyond Holy Cross

The night in Anvik did not go very well. Imre and Peter were provoked by some drunken locals. (Remember, the possession of alcohol is illegal in this area.) They approached the canoe, and ran their noisy ATVs back and forth, close to the campers all night.

The day started with good weather but later a storm arrived. When the canoe started surfing on the waves, father and son stopped on an island. Unfortunately this was a bad island, with many grizzly and wolf prints and the fresh carcass of a moose.

They paddled a little further and found a better place. Sandy island, firewood available, no fresh bear prints. This is all they need for a good night. How surreal of a situation for two computer guys from the Silicon Valley?!

For the past day or two (in addition to the tons of mosquitos and horse flies) they are bothered by tiny flies that go straight for their eyes, nose and ears, and they bite.

Unfortunately the weather forecast says that the storm will continue for the next 48 hours. They might be stranded on this island for a while.


From: panoramio (nastykjn)


One thought on “Day 31: Beyond Holy Cross

  1. We are appreciative of the what father and son are experiencing on their journey not only bonding their relationship but the life-time adventure that can never be erased. Thanks for keeping us posted. Continue to play it safe…….you both along with the whole Kabai Family are greatly appreciated.


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