Day 28: Kaltag 52 mi

Peter and Imre stopped at Kaltag. They talked to the locals who were busy smoking salmon. The king salmon fishing season season just opened for a few days, after being suspended for 5 years.

They saw a grizzly mom with two cubs just outside of Kaltag on a sandy island.

They had crosswind for most of the day making it difficult to keep the canoe heading straight. The weather looks ok for the next 3 days with ocsssional challenging crosswinds. “The paddle felt very heavy all day” – Imre wrote.

Dear Reader, let us remind you this time that besides seeking the adventure, the lifetime memories, the bond between father and son, and stretching their limit in every possible ays, Imre and Peter Kabai has another goal with this trip: to promote the Blind Judo Foundation. Please visit the Foundation’s website here or from the top menu. If you can, please consider a small donation.

Here are some pictures of Kaltag, downloaded from the internet.

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