Day 27 Koyukuk 84 mi

Yesterday Imre and Peter decided that they just could not get enough sleep during the afternoons. They needed to take a nap for an hour or two in the middle their “paddling day” which usually is from midnight to early afternoon.

By the end of today already broke the rule; they paddled without a break on the shore, and for even longer than usual. The reason was that they wanted to reach the next village, Koyukuk (pop. 80) to resupply with food.

Because of the location of the village, it was difficult approach and they needed to paddle upriver along the islands.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 10.40.34 PM

Giggling Eskimo Indian ladies took Imre around the village on the back of their ATV. Awkward sitting position to say the least, but normal there. Peter made sure to he took pictures. It turns out that these women had never been farther than 50 miles up or downriver in their whole lives.

“Tonight is the second 24 hour period the Eskimo Indians are allowed to fish for king salmon, in 5 years. All were very busy with preparations. Very sad situation, Indian subsistence lifestyle is limited while commercial ships on international waters are not limited to hugely overfishing.”

Father and son stopped at Last Chance Cabin, a cabin and liquor store. This is the last place to purchase alcohol for the next 500 miles downriver. Below this point alcohol possession is illegal due to the huge alcoholism problem.

They will camp on a “large island with full fauna and flora – running big fire and shot 00 12 gauge ammo in air to show who is boss”.

“Very tough day, cold night and struggling with exhaustion” – Imre summarized.




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