Day 26: Past Ruby 53 mi

Early morning, Peter and Imre stopped for over two hours on an island. Wonder why… Maybe to rest? Nah.. they don’t do that. They paddle for 45 minutes then stop for 15 minutes, but they stay on water; so far they have never pulled to the shore to rest. The only choice is that we worry and keep checking whether they have finally continued.

They arrived to Ruby, a fairly big town (pop. 166), where they were hoping to take a shower and get wifi in the local school so that they could send some pictures. But they only stayed about 30 minutes.

Later in the afternoon Peter explained everything: “We decided to wake an hour earlier but stop every day around 5 am and sleep for an hour on the shore, to avoid hallucinating and falling asleep while paddling.” “The downside of traveling by night is nothing is open when we get there, so we skipped the shower and laundry in Ruby.”

Two years ago when Imre attempted to paddle the Yukon by himself in an inflatable kayak (he started in Whitehorse, Day #8 of this current trip) he was in Grayling, which is 230 miles from here, when unexpectedly strong storms hit the area. He has spent 5 days waiting for a chance to continue but he finally ran out of time and had to give up finishing the adventure.

Now day by day Imre and Peter are trying to keep up with the pace of “that crazy guy”, and they are having a hard time.  That why Peter was happy to report today: “Ahead of schedule (Dad 2014)  by 13 miles and a half day.

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