Day 25: Approaching Ruby 74 mi

Imre’s back hurts badly, they reconfigure the front seat hoping that will help. Two days ago a retired Tanana doctor in Mike’s fish camp gave Imre a massage and remedies which are helping. The doctor’s name is Will, “he was an angel” – Imre said.

The bodies might hurt but the spirits are still high, just read Imre’s message: “Took thunderstorm shower, washed hair after long time, it is super clean bit icy cold, have to do intense cardio to stay warm while ‘showering’ (naked jumping jacks) Peter was more shy and decided to stay stinky.”

Millions of mosquitoes. They paddled by the boneyard where the Yukon cuts through the permafrost and woolly mammoth skeletons stick out the cliffs.

They put up the tents on an island with herds of moose. Moose hurt more people each year than grizzlies so they made a big fire and shot some rounds “to let them know who the boss is”.

“Goddess Yukon still plays us and alternates between giving us life long beautiful memories and intense scares and hardship” – Imre wrote.


Moose – from Imre’s pictures taken on his previous trip

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