Day 24: Tanana 30 miles

Imre and Peter did a half day today. They usually paddle 45 minutes then rest for 15 (used to be 50-10). Today they only accomplished 5 of these 1-hour cycles.

The reason is that yesterday afternoon’s unexpected visit with Mike and Stan from the Yukon Men series threw them off their paddle-from-midnight-to-afternoon, try-to-sleep-in-the-late-afternoon schedule. They stopped at the usual time in the afternoon today so that can start a full “day” at midnight.

Also there was a massive storm, such that a bush pilot decided to turn back to his starting point. Our adventurers had to wait a little too.

Tanana is a fairly big city (pop. 250 :o) ) so they were able to send home another memory card with pictures. We are still waiting for the one mailed from Dawson City! There is also a small present in the envelope from Stan and Mike – they did not tell us what it is. “Stan and Mike are amazing people, truly like in the show, living subsistence lifestyle, hunting, fishing, trapping, raising sled dogs” – Imre wrote.

They also met Alex Tarnai, famous grizzly guide and fellow Hungarian. Imre met him two years ago. That time Alex exclaimed that he had been waiting for 30 years for a Hungarian to stumble upon here. He surely did not expect that the guy would show up again, this time with his son who also speaks the language!

Imre and Peter caught up with a crew of 4 paddlers today. Talking to the locals they learned that there is only one other traveler ahead of them.

Imre wrote this about his son: “Peter is an amazing partner in this adventure, dependable, disciplined and strong.” He continued: “My part: body totally worned out, former Tanana doctor in Mike’s cabin fixed my back. Can not close my hands in the morning, back pain is intense until endomorphine kicks in after about 4 hours of paddling.”

When in Ruby, they hope to get wifi and send some very recent pictures.


Update: On July 2nd we received the pictures they’ve sent on this day. Here, Imre enjoying smoked salmon. We also received some in the mail. Delicious!

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