Day 23: Between Rampart and Tanana 81 miles

Imre and Peter gave us some guesswork today. (Not appreciated; we tend to worry when things look unusual.) First of all, they (seemingly) did not start at the regular time around midnight, and not even by morning. Did they forget to turn on the Spot device? That’s what had likely happened, because the first coordinates posted at 9 am showed that they had accomplished a nice section since the last available track message.

They sent the “OK sign” at around 3 pm, which always means they are done for the day. Then at 7:30 pm they continued for another 90 minutes. Why? Maybe the first place looked unsafe?

Later in their InReach messages they clarified most of it. They stopped in the afternoon because they met Mike and Stan from the Yukon Men series. They invited Peter and Imre into a fish camp and offered them smoked salmon. “Best smoked salmon ever”. They took them in a skiff. After the visit father and son paddled to a safe spot for the night.

Earlier in the day they had passed Rampart (pop. 45) and The Rapids. These are violent whirlpools that spin around even local small boats.


One thought on “Day 23: Between Rampart and Tanana 81 miles

  1. Beautiful picture but can appreciate the danger lerking. One can only read about these adventures father and son on taking. Be well and enjoy the experience. We appreciate all you are doing for the Blind Judo Foundation.


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