Day 22: Yukon Crossing 68 miles

This was the last road crossing the Yukon. From here (for the 800 miles still ahead) the only way to leave the Yukon is by plane.

Since they crossed Whitehorse, YT on the 8th day of this trip, the surroundings are familiar to Imre, since he paddled his kayak along this same route two years ago. For Peter, this was the first time during this trip that he was at a place he had been before: Two years ago rode his bicycle across the same bridge that he paddled under today. This is where the Yukon is crossed by the Dalton Highway, the 414 mile dirt road Peter had conquered in 2014.

They stopped close to the bridge and Peter walked to the same small restaurant where two years ago he bought a few bottles of water and ate a simple meal. He was also able to give us a phone call! Then he returned to the canoe so Imre could have his turn.

“Everything hurts but the spirits are high, we enjoy each-other’s company.” – Imre said.  “Finally we have the Yukon flats behind us. We are back in hills.”

“That mountain lion and her cub yesterday were about 5 feet from me” – said Peter. On the island where they raised their tent they saw the footprints of a moose and her calf.

They are able to get a bit more sleep now, as they are slowly getting used to sleep during the day. (For the past few days they have been paddling from about midnight to early afternoon each day to avoid the afternoon windstorms.) They try to pretend they are in a different time zone, where 11pm is morning and 11am is evening, to make it easier to sleep in the middle of the day. The sun drops under the horizon just for an hour or so each night, which makes the switch easier.


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