Day 19: Fort Yukon 84 mi

Another successful night run for father and son. According to the SPOT tracks, they started paddling after midnight and stopped at 3:30 pm. Imre wrote that they did 13 1-hour cycles (50 minutes paddling, 10 minutes rest) during that time.

Fort Yukon is the northernmost point of the route. Imre and Peter are just above the Arctic Circle tonight. In Fort Yukon, the sun has not set since June 4th, and the next sundown will be on July 6th. In other words the longest day of the year is a month long. So when they paddle all night – they actually have daylight.

They wrote: “Yukon Goddess rewarded us with the most amazing double rainbow at midnight.”

They got stuck on levees several times due to the low water. Once they got into a dangerous situation, too close to a moose and her calf. They had to use a bear banger (a very loud flare) to “convince mom to move on”.

They spent about an hour in the city of Fort Yukon (pop. 583) and had a chat with the mayor.

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