Day 15: Resting in Dawson City

For the first time in two weeks, the two adventurers got a wi-fi connection, in the laundromat they used. They were able to call us and also send several pictures!

They told us how they could barely keep up with the pace Imre had set two years ago. “That guy was crazy” – referred Imre to himself, only half joking. He has painful blisters on both palms, which he covers with coach tape. Peter had his hands swollen, caused by the too-tight drysuit, a problem that he has solved since, though we are unsure how. They have sent pictures of their palms and hands, but we decided to only share beautiful pictures with you, Dear Reader.

The front seat (the woven sitting surface) of the canoe is falling apart. They had some duct tape and were now able to buy some more, to fix it. They also managed to re-arrange the clips that all the gear are tied to, so that they would be more comfortable to use. Every single item in the canoe is tied to it, just in case.

Dawson City is famous for a bar that serves a special drink named ‘Sourtoe Cocktail”. This is a shot of whisky with a real mummified human toe in it. The bartender drops it into the glass and the drinker must have the toe touch their lips. There is a fine of $2500 for swallowing the toe. Of course both of our adventurers had to try this drink…

Please scroll back to earlier posts as most of them were updated with photos just received.

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