Day 12: Five Finger Rapids 77mi


Another tough day for Peter and Imre, but another strong showing with 77 miles paddled. With this good progress, they have been able to keep up with Imre’s pace from his solo expedition two years ago. In an effort to maintain strong progress they have been using the strategy of splitting every hour into 50 minutes of paddling followed by 10 minutes of rest. This way they were able to be on water for 12 hours today traveling 77 miles total.


(This picture was taken by the crew a few days earlier)

Adding to difficulties caused by the climate, they also had to face the most dangerous part of the Yukon river for paddlers: the Five Finger Rapids. This is the only area with Class III rapids on the river. We are thankful that they were able to pass this obstacle without significant complications. As Imre and Peter delve deeper into the wilderness of the Yukon, villages and people will become less common, but wild animals more so. Today, for example, they saw some mountain lions and mountain goats.

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