Day 9: Lake Laberge 44mi


Imre and Peter crossed the length of Lake Laberge today. We are thankful that they were able to stay safe today since this one of the more dangerous points of their trip. It was also one of the more difficult days. Twice they had to stop due to storms and spend some time next to a fire to avoid hypothermia. Fortunately they were able to still make good progress in part due to Peter’s excellent steering. In total they traveled 44 miles in 12 hours.

Peter fixed the GoPro camera to his head to take the shot of the seagull. In the evening, Peter surprised Imre with an early Father’s Day present: a bottle of his favorite beer. So far away from any village or store, having only filtered, chlorinated water, tea or instant coffee to drink – it was a truly wonderful present, especially after such a hard day.


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