Day 8: Whitehorse 44mi

In the first portion of their trek on the Yukon, Peter and Imre traveled from the source of the river all the way to the city of Whitehorse. Whitehorse is the capital and largest (and only) city in the Yukon territory with a population of about 23,000. They made a lot of progress today likely due to the favorable wind conditions. In total they travelled 44 miles in 12 hours. They would like to thank two ladies who helped them carry the canoe and gear by car for a few hundred yards at the portage entering Whitehorse. Imre and Peter describe their condition as sore with many blisters, but in high spirits. They will be tackling Lake Laberge tomorrow which could be a relatively difficult task if weather conditions are poor.

A rubber duck?! There was no doubt that Ducky will accompany the two adventurers for this canoe trip. Two years ago he had sat at the front of Imre’s kayak for the entire trip. There was no way Imre would leave him home this time. He will probably be very visible on some of the footage taken by the GoPro camera behind him.

One thought on “Day 8: Whitehorse 44mi

  1. It is almost difficult to really imagine what Imre and Peter are truly experiencing as we view their messages from the comfort of our computer. Continue to elaborate on your vision and experiences. You both are amazing for all you are doing and accomplishing.


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