Day 5: Rest Day in Bennett

The Kabais spent the day in Bennett resting and preparing for the trip ahead. Imre and Peter enjoyed some very simple dishes (ravioli with ketchup and some other only-add-water meals) which seemed to be feasts compared to the power bars they’ve been living off of in the past few days. Their coffee and hot chocolate also tasted wonderful, much better than filtered and chlorinated Yukon water.

Peter took both his mom and his brother for a short canoeing trip on the lake.

The Chilkoot Trail including the Bennett train station, the shore of Lake Bennett and the campground next to it are considered to be the world’s largest museum. Whatever the Klondike gold miners left here (a boat from 1895, lost shoes, broken glass, rusted metal containers, etc.) are artifacts and should not be touched.

They plan to head out at 6 a.m. tomorrow. You can follow their progress live here.

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