Day 1: Chilkoot Trail Miles 0-13

Peter and Imre began the first leg of their trip at 10:00 AM this morning, after arranging all the paperwork and watching a mandatory informational video.


Ready to start the Chilkoot Trail. Saying goodbye to the other son, Janos. Janos will meet them at the end of the trail at Lake Bennett in about 4 days. He will give them the canoe with all the gear and take the hiking gear. From there Janos will drive home to California.

They will be hiking the 33-mile long Chilkoot trail from Skagway, Alaska to Bennett, British Columbia. We have included both a map of the trail along with a map showing the changes in elevation they will be experiencing throughout this hike.Ecozones-of-the-Chilkoot-Trail-No-BandChilkoot trailguide.r7.qxd Today, Imre and Peter hiked the first 13 miles of the trail. Due to the lack of cell phone reception we have limited communication with them but can follow them on their trip in real time here. (We updated this post with actual photos and information after we got in contact.) They spent the night in Sheep Camp. In the one message they were able to send us they described the hike today as grueling. They will take a day of rest before attempting the second, most difficult section of the hike. You can see the rapid increase in elevation on the chart above.

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