Day -3: Prince George and Hwy 99, BC

The brothers saw at least four black bears today. They could send us some pictures, but after that they were not able to get reception. We are looking forward to hearing from them again.



Day -6: Seattle

On a recent family trip we missed the opportunity to see Seattle from the top of the Space Needle. Janos and Peter made sure they cross this item off their list this time. They also visited the Columbia Center’s viewing deck on the 73rd floor. They actually preferred the view from here.

Janos’ favorite was the super secret tour of Boeing’s 1.1 million square foot factory.


Day -8: Peter and Janos’ Departure

The adventure has officially begun for Peter and Janos! They left this morning in a car packed with gear and supplies and the canoe strapped to the top. This marks the beginning of the 8-day trip driving up to the Yukon where they will be meeting up with Imre (who will be flying there by plane) on June 3rd.

A small explanation to avoid confusion regarding how we will be numbering the days of the trip: Imre will arrive on “Day 0” and they will begin hiking on “Day 1”. As such, we are 8 days out from the official start of the trip marking today as “Day -8”.

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Shooting Practice

Bears pose a significant threat to Imre and Peter while they canoe along the Yukon River this summer. They may come across black, grizzly, or even polar bears throughout their trip. Increasing polar temperatures heightens this danger. This year especially, Alaska has been experiencing record highs.

Due to these dangers, they have decided that unlike in previous adventures to the north, they will be bringing a shotgun to the Yukon this year. This decision was also influenced by Imre’s perilous run-in with a grizzly two years ago. On Saturday, they went out to the range to practice shooting more accurately and safely. They will be taking a Mossberg 500 shotgun on their trip loaded with 1 3/8 oz slugs.

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Kite Photography

Imre had an idea on how to record amazing footage of the trip. They will attach a GoPro camera to a small, but powerful kite that they can either fly during breaks or tow from the canoe. The GoPro will be able to take photos of them and the surrounding area from a birds-eye view. Here is an image form a test flight here at home.